Combi Crane

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Art.Nr. 8320-03

Extremely light camera arm suitable for the use of cameras with remote head up to 20kg!
Latest generation carbon tubes!
  • (Shortest build-up length) The crane arm ranges from 1m to 4.5m.
  • The carbon tubes have a diameter of 40mm. This guarantees enormous stiffness and high payload!
  • The construction time is only 10 minutes!
  • The CombiCrane fulfills the highest professional demands thanks to numerous additional functions!
  • Easy transport thanks to small transport dimensions and low weight.

Product Highlights

Technical Specification


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The highlights at a glance:

Crane head

  • Extendable crane head can be adjusted to the camera size
  • Novel tool-free camera mounting with 1/4 “screw
  • Integrated 80mm remote headmount for optimal remote head positioning
    allows 360 ° turns
  • Adapter for mounting of gimbal systems (DJI Ronin) as accessories Integrated leveling system
  • Connection for monitor holder integrated (left and right side) in the sick head and middle part
  • Additional thread for 1/4 “and 3/8” for crane accessories, e.g.Battery holder, monitor etc.

Crane support

  • Special pivot bearing for soft movement sequences
  • Integrated horizontal and vertical brake
  • Adaption for 75mm and 100mm stand shells


  • Version 1-4 with cable sets for increased stability

End segment

  • Counterweight with 30mm counterweight tube and two 15mm mounting tubes for the accessories.
Remote Head & Adaptions:
  • The CombiCrane can be equipped with a Remote Head CombiHead or via a crane adapter adapter. With a Gimbal DJI Ronin. However, it is also possible to use a pan-tilt head or mount the camera directly on the crane.

Extendable crane head:

The extendable base plate offers the possibility to adapt the crane head to the respective camera or remote head size.

Horizontal and vertical brakes:

For the safe positioning of the CombiCrane, a horizontal and vertical brake with a parking lever is available.

Optimized operating unit:

The stable but light operating unit with 15mm tubes allows the installation of numerous control elements.

Technical specification:


Technical drawing:

MovieTech 4×4 Dolly

Art.Nr. 2912-0

 DOWNLOAD Operating instruction, service booklet and coding data


Item No. 2912-1000 Adapter V-Mount with various outputs + Charger V-Mount

Item No. 2960-01 SET Magic Arm long (for mounting monitor)

Item No. 2912-500  Quick Release Set

Item No. 7531-0SET Monitor holder “Standard”

Item No. M1000-SET Counterweight-Set round

Item No. 8321-0 Tripod 132x

Item No. 8321-02 Tripod 132x modified

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